Microworld Hong Kong

// Jun 2014 //

Our first international Microworld as part of the Lumen Prize Exhibition.

Thanks to the Lumen Prize we had the opportunity to run a Microworld abroad. As usual we had an open call and worked with some local and international artists. Here’s the official Lumen Prize in Hong Kong video.

Collaborating Artists

Sala Wong & Peter Williams

Sala Wong and Peter Williams are digital artists who collaborate on installation, interactive and participatory art. They have travelled widely and regularly visit Hong Kong which is where Sala grew up. They directly engage with local people to investigate the way information culture informs the way people interact with urban spaces. They will be showing several pieces in Microworld including a new project they will be making over summer at Basel Hong Kong and also their double rainbow interaction. Sala & Pete work at Indiana University. They would like to thank the Advanced Visualization Lab in Bloomington for some support with this project.

Bryan Chung

Bryan Chung is an multi-skilled and experienced digital artist who teaches several courses including Embodied Interaction at the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University. He creates his own software libraries using processing and kinect and has worked on many types of interaction. For Microworld Bryan has rendered a number of classic film sequences using motion template Processing adapted from OpenCV. The film above left is ET on the right The Graduate. We’re looking forward to seeing Bryan’s impressive generative art which you can read about on his Magic & Love Interactive website.

Monkee Lee

Monkee Lee is a digital designer who also makes interactive art. She studied at the University of Arts London in 2012 where we were stood on her art and interacted with our feet. She creates generative artworks including the beautiful ones above which were based on Earthquake data and then abstracted. Monkee lives in Hong Kong and we are happy that she is helping with the show.

Eric Fong

Eric will be showing some striking videos at Microworld including his Reflection series which examines facial disfigurement and identity. They are mysterious, beguiling and finally challenging. Eric was born in Hong Kong and now lives and works in London.

Banfield and Rees

We also ran several creative coding workshops as part of the event

Here’s a short video we made and you can see all the photos on our Flickr album. Thanks to everyone involved for making it such a fantastic experience.

Here is the original poster