Microworld Cardiff 2

// May-Jun 2014 //

Our second visit to ArcadeCardiff and with an exciting Microworld line-up.

Thanks everyone who was involved in Microworld Cardiff 2. Sean Clark, Jockel Liess, Sean Olsen, Gudrun Haroldsdottir, Banfield & Rees, Myles Leadbeatter, Peski Records, Pitch Radio, Radio Arts, Marcus West, Liam + Isobel Taylor, Nick Lambert, Gwenno, Julia Schauerman and others and special thanks to Rob Kennedy + Morgan at ArcadeCardiff gallery. We ran two spaces – a formal white space with several intercomunicating artworks and a darker experimental projection and music space.

We returned to Cardiff for a second Welsh Microworld and worked with a small group of local artists. There were noise seeking robots, sound driven aeroplankton, responsive wall art, interctive system art, glitch video and much more. ArcadeCardiff is a lively gallery in the middle of Queens Arcade shopping centre. Cardiff, CF10 2BY

On wednesday there was a launch party for CAM1 a record of experimental welsh music put together by Peski Records. On friday there were some experimental live performances including glitch VJing by Banfield & Rees, and architectural explorations by Gudrun.

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