Microworld Kinetica

// Oct 2014 //

Our digital ecosystem joins the Kinetica 2014 Art Fair.

We had a great time at Kinetica 2014. More than five thousand people entered our latest Microworld of interactive art. It was exciting to see people engage in so many different ways. Hundreds of people were turned into Squidlets, many more disturbed the Frog, Starfish and Cockatoo Squid and created cascades of action across the entire space. This was the most immersive Microworld yet and we met many people interested in getting involved in future Microworlds celebrating open and collaborative digital art making.

Thanks to Jockel Liess for all his help with the event and his great sound work, Sean Clark for providing electronic system art and Julia Schauerman for the creature sound design.

Kinetica Art Fair Website 2014

Thanks to the Arts Council of England and Kinetica for their support.

You can see more photos onĀ Flickr