Beyond the Interface @ Furtherfield

// Apr-Jun 2015 //

It’s Alive! part of a group show organised by Furtherfield.

25 APRIL – 21 JUNE 2015
Open weekends 12-6pm
Furtherfield Gallery, Finsbury Park London N4 2NQ

Beyond the Interface is an exhibition and series of events presented by Furtherfield, where leading international contemporary artists explore the technical devices that pervade our lives.

“The interface is the sense organ of the computer, whereby it becomes part of human culture”┬áSoren Bro Pold

How much of our life do we spend in front of screens? Typically young adults in the UK spend more than a third of their waking lives watching TV or using computers, smartphones and tablets.2 These glowing rectangles are just one interface through which we contribute to the growing global human-machine network.

Beyond The Interface London is a remix of an exhibition co-curated by Furtherfield with Julian Stadon for ISMAR 2014, the International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality, that took place in Munich in September 2014.

It’s Alive! by Genetic Moo┬ásees two populations of parasites and a screen image combine into a living interface. Webcam, maggots and ants. The webcam looks out into the space and slowly builds up an RGB image of what it sees. The maggots feed on movement and are rip through the interface. The ants continuously wander across the surface of the image looking to repair damage caused by the maggots. Filling in holes with fine trails, their programmed desire is to restore order. The three intertwined activities; webcam, maggots and ants, operate as a living ensemble; continuously being reconfigured. A parasitic interface consuming energies from whatever it shares a space with.

The piece was specially adapted to work with the view of Finsbury Park.