//26 Oct//

Live-streaming from our digital ecosystem on Mon 26 Oct 21-22:15 BST / 16–17:15 EST

We’ve opened up a portal to Pennsylvania to create Microworld@HOME: Millersville in collaboration with students at Millersville University.

We’ll be riffing on ecosystems, swarms, alife, cellular automata and networks. Featuring our generative film machine which combines and reconfigures film sequences and our purpose built, web-based bot maker “Conway Hall”.

Expect visual mashups, audio jams and zoom interaction

Join us on our YouTube channel for some digital creativity & play.

With thanks for making this possible to Heidi Leitzke, Assistant Professor & Director, Eckert Art Gallery and Christine Filippone, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Art History and Coordinator of Women’s and Gender Studies, Department of Art and Design at Millersville University Millersville, PA 17551-0302