The Schauerman Digital Art Prize 2023

The third Schauerman Digital Art Prize goes to Jonathan Armour for his remarkable 3D video animation Sleeve Shock.

The Schauerman Digital Art Prize was set up in memory of Marie and John Schauerman and their enthusiasm and support for art-making with new technology. The prize is one of eight prizes awarded to outstanding artworks by selected artists in The London Group Open. Out of 1,900 submissions from over 1,000 artists, 79 artworks by UK-based artists were selected for The Open 2023, presenting a diverse range of mediums and disciplines – including digital, drawing, installation, mixed media, painting, photography, print, sculpture, sound, and video. This is the third time we have awarded the prize, which in 2017 went to digital artist Sandra Crisp, who subsequently joined the London Group and has helped us choose this year’s winner.

At a joyful prize-giving evening at the Copeland Gallery, Peckham, we gave our award to Jonathan Armour for his beguiling 14-minute video Sleeve Shock which uses 3D modelling, animation and digital editing techniques to create a mesmerizing layering of scanned human bodies (the sleeves). As the figures dissolve over and through each other waves of energy suggest feelings of horror and defiance. A very complex piece, quite remarkable. Jonathan writes:

“Sleeve Shock, first created for the exhibition of the same name in January 2023 is an exploration of multiple identities – something which I feel we all have – we all use different facades in different situations. Combining the concepts of avatars and matryoshka dolls – here the different shells interfere, coalesce, protrude which is perhaps how different identities work on each person.

“In addition, this video is in part a reflection about the amazing people I am fortunate enough to work with and how their sleeves have been the source of exclusion by the art establishment for many centuries – indeed perhaps only now starting to be corrected.”

Jonathan is starting to make a mark on the art world. This year he was invited to show his and discuss his work at Ars Electronica (the equivalent of the Turner Prize for Digital Art). We are looking forward to seeing how Jonathan’s practice develops and what exciting techniques he discovers. We are delighted to award him the Schauerman Prize for Digital Art 2023.

Genetic Moo, 2023

Sleeve Shock, 2022 (still)
Sleeve Shock, 2022 (still)