Silent Signal success

// Sept 2014 //

The Wellcome Trust has awarded a Large Arts Award to Silent Signal an ambitious project exploring genetics, immunology and epidemiology. 

The project is part of an Animate Projects commission and is supported by the Wellcome Trust. Silent Signal sees six collaboratiosns between artists and scientists to produce a set of short animated films. These will explore how the body uses soundless internal dialogues between cells to fight disease. Our scientist is Dr Neil Dufton from Imperial College who is an expert on inflammation.

We will be working on this project for the next year and it will involve interactions, inflammations, dome constructions and animations. Battle of Blister will be a short animated film but also along the way there will be a series of interactive installations where we will invite the public to enter inside a dome projection space we are calling Blister Cinema and experience for themselves what it is like to be inside a blister.

We’re looking forward to creating huge swirling microbial environments – and involving the public in epic bacterial battles.

The Animate Projects press release is here and here is a link to the Silent Signal website . There is also a facebook page.