Game coding with East Kent Mencap

// Sept-Oct 2019 //

We’ve had a wonderfully gruesome time with East Kent Mencap coding video games in the Scratch language.

Several members of the gaming club worked hard making a series of mini-games in the WarioWare style. They chose this game as it is the right level of complexity and there are plenty of ways of making fun short games in Scratch. On top of this they picked a horror theme, inspired by a love of Screamland and one member’s stint as a manic killer clown. It all happened at 215 Northdown Road with the gamers drawing, coding even becoming sprites and having fun making ghoulish sound effects. We’ve done hundreds of workshops before but this is the first time we’ve used Scratch, so it has been good to get to grips with its sprite and blocks way of coding.

In October we put everyone’s individual games into a single console style game and got it ready for play testing at our NOW digital festival. The game is called East Kent Ghost Project and it’s great fun. Lots of people played it and came back for more. See below for a video walk-through of the game and photos of the game’s progress.

Thanks to all the East Kent Mencap staff for making this happen, and giving us the opportunity to work with such a keen set of gamers.

East Kent Ghost Project walkthrough 


Here are photos of the game’s development

In this one by Chazman you have to explode the Zombies.

Try and get the Earphones onto Frankie. By Ben.

Lee is putting together this game where the Killer Clown flicks a big knife at a Zombie.

And this was one of three WarioWare style games Natasha coded.

And here’s Dan working on his Ghost chase game

Here’s the group.