Portrait Commission – Hector the Sea Slug

// Jun 2015 //

This year we worked on our first portrait commission and our subject was 4 year Hector Dimitriadis. 

We’re interested in expanding the range of ways people can interact with our work and the logical next step is to allow them to actually become the work. Hector was commissioned by a friend to digitise his son into an interactive creature. We took video of Hector’s wriggling arms and legs and belly and then decided on a Sea Slug as the inspirational life form. We stitched the material together into the generative form you see and showed it at The London Group 2015 Open. We’ll be working to make Hector interactive in the future but in the confined space of the Open we felt it wasn’t necessary.

Hector is a pilot for a future large scale portrait series – if you are interested in becoming a piece of interacting sea life then let us know.