coding workshops

// Nov 2018 //

FREE creative coding workshops for Margate artists run by Margate digital artists Genetic Moo and organised by Dreamland

To book these workshop courses please email us at: [email protected]

Course 1 – Weekend programme – Sat 24 & Sun 25 Nov, 10-2pm (max 10)  places available

Course 2 – Weekday programme – Tues 27 & Wed 28 Nov 10-2pm (max 10)  fully booked

Venue: Northdown Studios, Cliftonville Ave, Margate CT9 2AJ  (entrance above the snooker hall)

Light drinks and refreshments will be provided.


Participants will learn beginner level creative coding using the Processing Language, everyone will collaborate to make a large scale digital artwork. No previous programming experience is required. We will provide netbooks but you’re welcome to bring your own laptop.

Day 1 : Parades

  1. Introduction to Genetic Moo, digital art and creative coding
  2. Coding basic geometric shapes
  3. Adding Colour to your programs
  4. Getting things moving
  5. Finessing your generative artwork

Towards the end of the Day 1, everyone’s generative animations will be brought together into a shared program space – a parade which will be projected large-scale in Northdown Studios.

Day 2 : Cascades

  1. Adding images and photos
  2. Creating coding cascades
  3. Introducing live action using a Kinect sensor
  4. Putting it all together. These cascading elements will be added into the collaborative piece. This may now have expanded to include several projections.
  5. Genetic Moo will help you to develop your own creative coding ideas in Processing. This part is up to you, bring your own animation and sound ideas and we’ll see how we can add them into the project.


All participants will be sent a copy of the work produced.

The results of both courses will be displayed together in a private party with invited guests at Northdown Studios. Also we are looking to use the results for Margate Festival in 2019 – this would be a night time tour of secret projections around and below the Northdown Road.

We will also showcase the results on a residency blog for Dreamland.

To book these workshop courses please email us at: [email protected]