Microworld Margate

// Nov 2013 //

 A Microworld in our home town.

This was our second Microworld. A mini event at Marine Studios, Margate to introduce the idea to the local community. All the footage in this video below was recorded live in the space, as was the sound. Thanks to Sean Clark’s piece Memory Mirror which managed to record the opening night automatically while we were away talking to people.

Microworld Margate continued our experiment in building a living digital ecosystem – where a space is filled with many active (and interactive) art works. The works change in response to the space, the audience and with each other. This show was staged in Marine Studios and thanks to Kate Kneale & Co for helping us create a small demo of the Microworld project. We are looking to stage a much larger event in the East Kent in the future and we will be working with local organisations to achieve this.

Microworld Margate included work by Gudrun Haroldsdottir, Becky Robinson, Sean Clark, Jockel Liess, Radio Arts, Derrick Welsh + crew, Ron Hagell and Sean Olsen.

There are more photos of Microworld Margate on Flickr