Microworld Leicester

// Aug 2016 //

A buzzing week of digital activities in the heart of Leicester.

This week long event was in WOT Space in Highcross Shopping Centre. Organised by Sean Clark of Interact Labs and supported by ACE and LCC.

Sean put together a series of workshops, drop-ins and talks and we taught creative coding to all ages, kids and adults. Sean also delivered sessions on Raspberry Pi, BBC MicroBit, robotics, interactive instruments and all sorts of electronic wizardry. The results of the workshops became part of the interactive installation and at the end we had a Private View with live visuals, electronic music and work by local artists.

Thanks to Tina from WOT Space for the use of the unit and for digging out a load of monitors to add into the show.

The space kept hundreds of participants busy with activity throughout the week and we made some good local connections, even contributing to another music festival on the other side of town. Leicester has a great creative community and it is always exciting to see what is going on.