Building a Microworld@HOME

// Lockdown Mar 2020 //

We’ve converted our living room into a Microworld.

Each week we will be experimenting with new creatures and technologies in a digital incubator which we are calling TestBed. As we become more proficient in using this small space (about 3m * 4m) we’ll be streaming results and making videos of our experiments.

We have run Microworlds around the world – produced and assisted by Lumen Arts Projects. Each Microworld is an interactive art space with cascades of digital creatures and engagement possibilities. Our themes are simulating digital nature, artificial life and imagined future evolutions. For Microworld @ HOME we are expanding our bestiary with a number of life forms including polymorphous amoeba, sea weeds, bryozoans and globsters which we are lucky enough to see on our local beach. We’re also evolving some of our previous Microworld creatures, building new life cycles, sensory abilities; social skills and for some, newly designed bodies.

All the while we are looking to create interactive art works which can thrive in the world outside our living room once we are through these strange times. We are also adapting to browser-based online and remote settings. We recently ran a show in the USA where we sent equipment and software and instructed the gallery team in how to install the exhibition. This worked well and we’re looking to make our shows easier to install so they can be run by anybody who is interested wherever they are and with minimal equipment.

We’ll be live broadcasting our Microworld@HOME¬†every Saturdays.

View archive recordings of Microworld @ HOME here

Wall 3 – algorithmic plants
Wall 1 – Globster