live-streaming in the SparkleVerse

//30 Aug-7 Sept 2020//

Last week, we set up camp in SparkleVerse at Burning Man, which this year was online.

Apparently, 1,000 people went to the desert for real and burnt a stubby little man. Anyway, Sparkleverserse was one of the multiverses at the official online festival. To enter, you just had to pay a donation (min $1). The first thing you’d encounter was a huge front end map connecting over 300 camps many with links to zoom rooms. A schedule listed the latest live shows so visitors could click on the link and enter a remote live broadcast. Great effort undertaken by the organisers but bandwidth lag was a problem and daunting number of camps.

We set up a Microworld@Home camp (arrowed in the map above). During the week we did about 10 hours broadcasting of live digital-art creative-coding mashups and liquid light visuals during the Burn. We had 11 visitors. Hmm, we would have liked more but we enjoyed ourselves, learnt a lot about how we could develop M@H for live engagement and are very interested in doing more events. the video below gives you a little taster of what we got up to: