GEEK 2018

// Feb 2018 //

We’re providing two Kinect-driven games for GEEK 2018 at Dreamland, Margate

Fluke is back after being a big hit last year – this time on the side stage in Dreamland‘s Hall by The Sea with a little more playroom. We’re also showing a new parasite themed commission called Flap, a full body slalom type game where you need to steer your avatar through an infested gut.

In a build up event to GEEK, we ran coding workshops last week at a STEAM event called #GeekLAB. Over 250 kids from Kent based schools took part in two days full of activities from coding to game-making to Makey Makey, Sphero, Arduino and many more. With us, they got a flavour of creative coding and computer design building Animats. All of the results will be shown in a generative piece projected throughout Geek.

Finally we’ll be helping out with the Thanet Technology stall at Geek. This new group is looking to connect up all the artists, makers and technologists in the area.

Look forward to seeing you at this fantastic and expanding event.

Geek was epic this year with more visitors than ever. Hundreds of people played both games pretty much constantly throughout the three days. The Fluke champion from last year was back and smashed his old record.

And a new hi-score was set on Flap by a kid using his light saber to steer through the course.


It was great to see people of all sizes, from 3 year olds up to grandparents playing the games, all using different moves and tactics to get scoring.

Looking forward to next year and the possibility of bringing a full Microworld to GEEK2019.