Animats, Animation and Artificial Life

// Dec 2017 //

Creative coding workshops in Dundee’s evocative D’Arcy Thompson Zoology Museum

We’ve delivered a huge range of workshops and drop-ins this year for Sixth Formers, kids as young as 7 and adults. Over 400 participants have been introduced to creative coding using the Processing language. Much of what they produced has been subsequently shown at interactive art events across the country as part of our ongoing Microworld project.

We finished off the year in Dundee in the splendid D’Arcy Thompson Zoology Museum. Children and adults got coding animating environments and responsive Animat creatures in this inspirational zoological setting. The range of results were impressive with kids keeping up with the adults and vice versa. The Animat program has been developing throughout the year and now has Twitch sensors and Cilia sensors which allow the creatures to move across the landscapes in interesting and suggestive ways. At the end of the workshops we got everyone’s creatures into a shared space and it was fascinating to see the different styles produced. There were lots of suggestions for further features which we will take on board. A few days later the Animats were projected as part of the London Group’s Christmas celebrations and the members found them fascinating to watch.

Thanks to Matthew Jarrom for organising the event and the NEoN organisers and everyone else who took part.