Apocalypse Now! at MargateFestival

// Sept 2018 //

Apocalypse Now! is a generative artwork created by over 200 National Citizen Service (NCS) participants in workshops at Kent University.

We will be screening at Woolworths on Margate High Street between 10-6pm on the weekend 22nd & 23rd September as part of Margate Festival 2018. It will also be shown on Friday 28th and Sunday the 30th. And there will be a late night showing on Thursday 27th 6-9pm. Woolworths has been empty for years – it’s great to see the building coming to life again.

The workshop programme was organised by Victoria Barrow-Williams, Education and Community Engagement Manager at Dreamland, its aim to introduce a range of new skills. We taught the 15-17 year olds how to program their own geometric animations in the Processing language. They also designed their own responsive digital creatures. All the contributions will be brought together into a huge multi-projector artwork inspired by the four elements: earth, water, air & fire and the apocalyptical paintings of the Victorian painter John Martin.

The Destruction of Sodom And Gomorrah by John Martin 1852

The NCS teenagers really got to grips with learning a new programming language. Despite Computing being on the national curriculum it appears many schools haven’t worked out how to deliver it yet and only about 20% of our participants had done coding before which is shocking to us. We see programming as a vital skill for all people to learn NOW and a brilliant tool for creativity.


The theme of this year’s Margate Festival is NOW and this collaboratively created artwork highlights contemporary art making techniques.

Here are some of the over 200 Animats the students designed to swim around their landscapes.