Genetic Moo creates immersive interactive experiences which encourage experimentation and collaborative play.

Microworlds are digital ecosystems where you are invited to become part of the artwork. Enter a world filled with digital life forms. Explore and discover a range of creatures and see how they respond to you and your movements and to each other. Watch them go through cycles of life and death. Sensors create a fully responsive and intuitive environment – an ever-changing fully interactive space. To learn more about Microworld visit our dedicated website

Exhibition News

We will be exhibiting Starfish in The London Group Open at Copeland Gallery Peckham, 9-26 November.

The exhibition will include works by current London Group members alongside works selected from open submission. Artworks will include painting, sculpture, drawing, print, photography, mixed media, installation, video, sound, digital and performance. Up to 200 works will be shown and at least half the exhibitors will be non-members. Prizes worth over £10,000 in total will be awarded to non-members, including our very own Schauerman Digital Art Prize we’ll be giving a £500 award for the best digital art submitted to this year’s Open.

Exhibition video

A short video of our latest Microworld exhibition which ran from 22 Jul to 28 Aug 2023 at Wolverhampton Art Gallery