Genetic Moo


Inspiring the next generation of digital artists

We like to engage with the public in as many ways as possible including talks, demos, drop-ins and free workshops. We like our workshop participants to become digital artists on the spot, so we add the results immediately into the Microworld changing the dynamics of the space. Workshops are a great way to build a Microworld.

We can include workshops to fit in with your programs at various skill levels for children (8+), adults and artists. We provide all the equipment. We use open source programs, mainly Processing and P5.JS, which run on everything. Participants are sent a copy of their code and all the software is freely available online.

POLYGON GAMES : the basics of creative coding

“…the workshop at the Turner Contemporary was spot on, just enough information to get them hooked and then the chance to have a go and play with both the coding and the installation.”    Kate Kneale, organiser GEEK festival

PATH MAKERS : turtle graphics and sprite making

“Thanks for sending their work on – the kids were straight on the laptop as soon as they got home. Your session hit the golden spot right in the middle of fun, educational and free.”   Chris, parent of a 10 and 15 year old.  

"My daughter often finds workshops a little slow so it was great that she was supported to move ahead and learn new things; whilst I, with no coding knowledge, was able to keep up. The resources you provided to take away are much appreciated and I'm sure will be well used by my daughter."  Ruth + teenage daughter

SEED : simple cellular automata

"Lots of fun and very educational - particularly the way the computer interpreted my movements and turned them into animation." Karol, digital interaction workshop participant

ANIMATS : creature design and simple behaviour
BUG CLUB : manipulating images to bring creatures to life