Genetic Moo

Tech Set-up

What you need to run a Microworld

All you need is a dark space, wifi, and an audience who wants to engage with digital art. Microworlds use everyday technology, are simple to install and flexible in duration and size.


We can provide all the equipment or we can use yours.

Microworlds can run from mini PCs and can be displayed in multiple ways. A basic Microworld might have 4 projectors, 4 mini PCs and 4 sensors. We use webcams and Kinects so that the creatures can see and listen to each other.


We like collaborating with artists and makers and are always interested to include new elements into the Microworld mix. By directing our sensors onto them we can introduce new energy inputs for our Microworlds. Other artists can use our Microworlds to feed their own pieces.

Commission us

A typical Microworld runs for a week with us in attendance throughout the show engaging with the public and running drop-ins and workshops. For longer shows we can train people to run the exhibition and manage drop-in activities. We are very flexible and have run Microworlds from the Orkney Islands to Singapore. Contact us for more information regarding costings.