Margate Festival digital strand

As events and technologies turn our world inside out and upside down, the art world is also being shaken up. Computers encourage new approaches based on free, open, online, shared, collaborative, massively parallel processes where everyone is involved: filming, documenting, playing, making, building and creating. Electric energies are bursting out, pulsating and mutating into the world and there is no stopping them.

Digital art is alive and it is spreading. NOW digital champions this evolution in creativity

At NOW digital you can engage with interactive art, try your hand at creative coding and experience film, music, electronics and visuals made by a growing local digital scene. Your creations will be instantly added into this ever-changing show.

NOW digital is organised by artist duo Genetic Moo. Over the last two years, we have been working with Victoria Barrow-Williams (Creative Learning and Participation Manager at Dreamland Margate) on large scale projects helping hundreds of children and adults get creative with computers and NOW digital will showcase the results.

Venue: The Margate School in the former Woolworths building on Margate High Street
Dates: Fri 18 – Sun 27 Oct, daily 12-6pm with some lates

All events and workshops are FREE

Participants include:

We’ve collaborated with The Margate School to organise #NOWdigital in the former Woolworths building on Margate High Street. The Margate School is an exciting new development for the town and will open soon as an accredited art school running a Fine Art Masters program on the themes of Art, Society and Nature. Please contact them through their website if you are interested in learning more.


Exploding Cinema – DIY short film show – no stars, no funding, no taste. Exploding Cinema regularly screens underground film in squats, pubs, clubs, cafes and halls across the UK. Fighting against industry elitism, they’ve shown more than 5000 low or no budget films/videos. They are radically anti-curatorial – at Exploding Cinema anyone can screen their film, anyone can join the collective. Click here to submit your own film to this one off event on Saturday Oct 19th 7-10pm. Earlier that day join the Exploders for an afternoon of workshops 12-5pm making your own DIY efforts and become an instant film maker.


Ramsgate Arts Primary School – all 220 kids built an Underwater City a digital film with creature making, kinect animations, digital design, squidlets and creative coding. With help from Genetic Moo and Dreamland education.


Margate Film Festival presents Cinesthesia – a mesmerising night of experimental light show from Jullian Hand, glitchy electronic music from Sunosis & Liotia, immersive projections and found footage. Follow this link to find out more about the event.


Also part of Margate Film Festival is an afternoon of short films and discussion. This is a specially curated programme of short films exploring our complex relationship with the sea. An infinite resource for food and energy, a holiday destination, a calming presence and a boundary between lands – how do we use, abuse and depend on the ocean? Read more here


Gretchen Andrew’s “Turner Prize” is a digital art performance where Gretchen deploys a systemic limitation of how the internet thinks to make it appear “as if” she has won this year’s Turner Prize


Local sound artist Martin Tanton will be experimenting with his modular synths connected to live sensors and electronics in the space during the festival.


Also bringing electronic sound to the house will be Ed Kelly from Margate. Ed’s built a large library of Pure Data objects for synthesis, audio processing, sequencing, live sampling and audio file manipulation.


Micro-controllers are now part of a digital artist/maker’s toolkit with cheap and easy to use systems such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi introducing a whole new generation to control electronics. Local expert Matt Mapleston of Chanza Chanzo will be on hand to help you with your electronic queries and will also be demonstrating some of his recent tech projects.

The Thanet based STEAMettes will be building their own experiments with Arduino LED light strips, space station Microbits, wearable Adafruit and other electronic wizardry. Come along and see this amazing group of young girls in action each afternoon.  The STEAMettes are guided by local astronomy and physics guru John Hislop.


We’re hoping to get 100s of Kent teenagers on the National Citizen’s Scheme to contribute to a large scale collaborative artwork called Leviathan in September which will then be premiered at NOW digital. This piece is supported by Dreamland and will be a generative and interactive projection.


Shaun Prickimage is a Margate based tech artist who does amazing things with motion capture, 3d projections and animations for events, shows, and festivals. We’re looking forward to see what he brings to the space.


From Monday 21st to Friday 25th we’ll be delivering free creative coding workshops between 1-2pm each day. These are suitable for all ages – beginners, kids, adults, families and done on a casual first come first served basis. Afterwards from 2-4pm there will be drop-in activities. Learn to be creative with computers.  Anything cool produced will be added into the show on the spot – “become digital art“.


Local artist Holly Slingsby will be giving a short talk and showing her latest short film Approaching Viriditas (Epilogue), 2019 at the Saturday 26th late afternoon presentations (details to follow shortly). The film includes digital effects which Holly wrote at our coding club. Holly is also exhibiting at Crate Studios in September as part of the Margate Festival.


Guli Silberstein, a digital video artist, will be showing several works which use algorithmic processing, creating painterly audio-visual melt-downs. These will form part of a cinematic chill out space with large scale ambient films and sound.


Canterbury based sound artist Magz Hall will be bringing her Voicing Gender – Radio Hats project to the festival. Magz engaged a voice therapist to design a series of repetitious pitch changing exercises as used by trans and non-binary people. The work is relayed binaurally via the radio hats.



Also taking part will be the Broadstairs College, Algorave, Rocio von Jungenfeld, Kent University, Glenn Mellor, Marine Studios and others.


NOW digital is supported by The Arts Council of England, Margate Festival and Dreamland. The event is organised by Genetic Moo in collaboration with  The Margate School.

WATCH THIS SPACE – as we make new announcements and expand the festival line-up.

CONTACT US – with your ideas if you are a local digital artist and would like to get involved

Margate NOW is an ambitious and dynamic festival of art, events and performances and has been developed with Turner Contemporary to run parallel with the Turner Prize 2019. The Festival programme runs from 28 Sept 2019 to 12 Jan 2020.