Genetic Moo is a UK based art group. We make interactive art, we make creatures, we make microworlds, we collaborate, we run workshops.

Building living installations in pixels and light.

We have been creating interactive art since 2008 using computer code, graphics, sensors and projection. In 2013, we started to put lots of these interacting art works (or 'creatures') into a single space and see how they effect each other. We call these spaces Microworlds. In a Microworld we always try to work with other local makers and artists to fill these spaces with creative coding, sound, electronics, robots, music, performance and anything else we come across to make the spaces into living environments. The public is invited into the space and they too affect the interacting artworks. We the artists are there all the time. We enjoy engaging with the public in as many ways as possible and encourage them in open play and exploration.

Recently we have been adding workshops into the mix - we are keen to inspire the next generation of digital artists and often teach creative coding to kids and adults for free during these events. Importantly for us the results of the workshops are then fed into the Microworld acting as a new energy source for the digital ecosystem. So we are not only showing people what digital artists is - we are actually making them digital artists on the spot. The potentials of digital art are really exciting.

We also deliver bespoke workshops for art organisations, festivals and events up and down the country. Please contact us for further information - we are always interested in working on new projects which engage the public with digital art and encourage people to create their own. We always look for ways to feed the results into our ongoing practice.

In the next year we will be working to expand the Microworld concept even further by moving it all online, making it accessible to engagements from all over the world and we are looking forward to the exciting possibilities and challenges of the ever expanding digital art world.

What happens when interactive art works interact with each other?

This booklet explains the ideas behind Microworld and details on getting involved.

Genetic Moo is a collaboration between Nicola Schauerman and Tim Pickup. We are based in Margate but work all over the UK and abroad.


2016 Exhibitions

Our film 'Battle of Blister' made in collaboration with Dr Neil Dufton is currently touring with Silent Signal an Animate Projects commission supported by the Wellcome Trust. Tour details here

2016 Workshops


Past Exhibitions

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