Logopolis @ Watermans

Making a journey. Taking a journey.

June and July 2017

This summer we'll be doing workshops and drop-ins at Watermans Art Centre asking people to "Make a Journey. Take a Journey."

Imagine you are a turtle with a paint brush attached to your belly, as you travel forwards you leave a trail of paint. As you move and turn an intricate pattern emerges. Welcome to the world of Turtle Graphics. During this activity you will create both physical and digital maps by designing a turtle program using pens and paper and also basic computer code. Kids will draw and measure jumbo spirographs, create path making turtle programs and design animating sprites to journey around an ever-changing digital map. The results will be projected in the gallery space for the exhibition. We are calling this turtle world LOGOPOLIS.

As well as developing their creative skills, participants will also learn some Maths (angles and distances); basic computer programming (TURTLE graphics and designing behaviour) and sprite animation. You will learn how to build up complex forms by repeating simple motions - and we'll highlight this principle in art, nature and programming.

Logopolis is created in partnership with Watermans Art Centre as part of their summer activities

Genetic Moo 2017