From David Bomberg to Paula Rego - The London Group in Southampton

We're exhibiting our new generative work Seed

June - November 2014

Southampton City Art Gallery has Britain's largest collection of work by The London Group. The collection was started in 1954 after a highly successful London Group exhibition held during that year, and it has continued to be built up over the years. For the first time the gallery is showing the historic works together alongside contemporary work by current members in a dynamic show representing many of Britain's greatest 20th and 21st century artists.

28th June - 1st November 2014, Southampton City Art Gallery, Civic Centre Rd, Southampton. Admission: Free

Seed, was edited algorithmically from video footage of our bodies. There are around 200000 edits layered over each other on a looped film. We joined The London Group in 2011.

The London Group

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