Singapore Maker Faire

July 20th - 23rd 2017

Showcasing creative coding to the Singapore Public

We're lucky to be going to Singapore this summer with Kate and Rick of Marine Studios and HKD. Marine Studios is a local Margate arts hub and HKD is their design practise which has created interactives for museums all around the world. They have organised a group of UK artists and makers who are taking over the digital arena of the Singapore Science Centre as part of the international Maker Faire 2017. The Faire has has over 500 participants and thousands of visitors. We'll be projecting interactive art works onto this huge dark space. You can see the scale of the space above. Our pieces will be connected to workstations so the public can design and code and change what appears on the walls. We have designed some new pieces SEED and DRIFTERS and will be adapting SQUIDLETS to teach basic coding principles and MULTIPLES to add in some body driven kinect action. We're calling our contribution Microworld Singapore.

Also showing in the space will be work by :

We can't wait to see what this lot come up with and experience the tech buzz of Singapore.

Genetic Moo 2017