Virus (aka The Frog)

Squishable, Squashable, Squelchable

Encouraging a variety of responses from interest to horror, the virus displays a pulsating mass of amphibious limblets. We have seen people kick box the virus for over 10 mins, while others have been scared to enter the room, in one case claiming to be allergic to frogs! However you push it around, the virus always returns to its springy radial conglomerate. Originally created for the Shangri-La Zone at Glastonbury (2011), the virus has gone through various iterations. Most recently we've given it a complete life-cycle: egg laying, spawning and adult phases, all inspired by frogs. You can disrupt the cycle but it will bounce back into action.

The frog sees the world via a Kinect sensor
It will respond to human motion producing rubbery sounds and visuals

Genetic Moo 2017