Our first ever interactive creature.

This is a chimera - a combination of human and starfish. It was built using photographs and video of the artists' own bodies (mainly female). It is therefore partly a self portrait and partly a comment on the way the female form is represented in art - but mainly a bizarre fantastical hybrid creature which responds to audience motion and light with a range of life like actions. An encounter with an alien being. We see it also as a possible future evolution for humans, away from the cerebral and towards the sensual and sexual. The starfish often creates a tension between attraction to sexual parts and repulsion to their unfamiliar organisation, or is it the other way around - an attraction to the starfish form and a repulsion to the sexual parts. It brings out a range of responses. The starfish was soon naturally followed by a male counterpart the urchin.

The starfish sees the world using webcam or kinect sensors.
It responds with motion and sound.

The starfish won a John Lansdown award for Interactive Digital Art at Eurographics 2007 and was nominated for an Erotic Award in 2012.

Genetic Moo 2017