Depicting time

Created as part of a residency at Papa Gyro Nights 2012. The theme of the festival was repetition, self transformation and myth and we came across Olaf Stapledon's science fiction novel 'Star Maker' which got us thinking about Deep Time and 'living fossils' such as the Nautilus which appears relatively unchanged over 400 million years. We had previously tried out some experiments at Exploding Cinema with falling sand particles creating strata of coloured information and we combined all these ideas into a new durational piece.

When a user enters the space a webcam picks up their image which can be seen screen right. Bright colours will be recognised by the program and turned into a stream of 'sand' pixels which flow to the left and form sand piles in the central part of the screen. These naturally erode over time to form geological like formations. To the left of the triptych is the Nautilus dreamily unconcerned with the fleeting interactive goings on to its right.

A webcam gathers the colours of visitors to build the Nautilus shell.

Genetic Moo 2017