What the biologist saw

created for a Waterman's Unleashed Devices exhibition and was a response to the theme of 'hacked and modded machines'. It takes inspiration from proto-cinematic machines, including the titular mutoscope and zoeotrope. The piece references the 'What the Butler Saw' drop-card machines of the 1900s and their promise of licentiousness. The reference to 'Biologist' in the work's subtitle also introduces ideas of discovery, investigation and control.

A modified gramophone box with lens attachment, houses a netbook. A clock winding handle set in the side of the box is internally attached to a mouse wheel allowing the winder to control an interactive animation which features two of our creatures; the Starfish and the Urchin. By rotating the handle at different speeds and in different directions, the user is able to control the tempo and outcome of the passionate embrace.

A hand-cranked digital animation

Genetic Moo 2017