Geometric combinations of figure, form and colour

Multiple was written to illustrate the idea of bacteria spreading for a short film about inflammation we were making for the Wellcome Trust. Once we realised how effective the program was we expanded the variety of forms, colours, number of users and output configurations until this single program dominated the film. It became an interactive animating generating machine and we hired dancers, movers and shakers to create a vast array of biological footage.

A kinect driven interactive animation machine

We have adapted the program for live dramatic workshops, where we help people to create their own films, in this case a take on Shakespeare's 'The Tempest' for the Waterman's Art Centre

We have also used the program for interactive visuals in a clubs and BYOB nights, here at BYOB Brighton 2015

We even reconfigured the output so it would fit on a 100 foot skyscraper in Hong Kong part of ICC Open Sky exhibition for ISEA 2016

Multiple also helped us to win our first Kent Creative award in the Audio Visual section. This has truly become 'the project that keeps on giving'.

Genetic Moo 2017