Microworld : Kinetica

Putting the finishing touches to our latest Microworld Project which will be exhibited at the Kinetica Art Fair.  Joining us in creating a bustling digital ecosystem will be Jockel Liess, Sean Clark and Julia Schauerman.


16th – 19th October 2014 Old Truman Brewery

Thank you to the Arts Council England and Kinetica for their support

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Silent Signal goes into production

The Wellcome Trust has awarded a Large Arts Award to Silent Signal, an ambitious project exploring genetics, immunology and epidemiology.  It comprises six collaborative projects that will produce animated works for exhibition online and in the gallery.  We are collaborating with Dr Neil Dufton (Imperial College London) to create The Battle of Blister.

An Animate Projects commission supported by the Wellcome Trust

Read the full press release here on Scribd

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The New Sublime 2014

Mother will be appearing in this exciting exhibition which questions the ability of digital art to be more than just a display of techical wizardry. Can digital art help us experience the sublime just as traditional art has done? Hopefully Mother does just that. The show brings together art from the South East and around the world and runs as part of Brighton Digital Art Festival throughout September. Free admission.

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ISMAR 2014

It’s Alive! is appearing in Beyond the Interface curated by Marc Garrett of Furtherfield and Julian Stadon at ISMAR 2014, Sept 10 – 12, Munich, Germany

It’s Alive! sees two populations of parasites and a screen image combine into a living interface. Webcam, maggots and ants. The webcam looks out into the space and slowly builds up an RGB image of what it sees.  The maggots feed on this light and are revealed writhing away within the image once a certain brightness has been achieved. Large and ugly they are indifferent to the source as long as there is enough light. The ants have a different scheme in mind. They continuously wander across the surface of the image looking to repair damage caused by the maggots. Filling in holes with fine gossamer-like threads, their programmed desire is to restore order. The three intertwined activities; webcam, maggots and ants, operate as a living ensemble; continuously being reconfigured. A parasitic interface consuming energies from whatever it shares a space with.

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Microworld Hong Kong Documentation

Here’s the official Lumen Prize in Hong Kong video

And, here’s a short video documenting our Microworld Hong Kong, presented within the Lumen Prize Exhibition – thanks to everyone involved for making it such a fantastic experience.


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Microworld Hong Kong

Thanks to everyone involved in Microworld. Hong Kong is an amazing eye opening and physically intense city and Microworld Hong Kong was a visual and interactive treat as part of the Lumen Prize exhibition with hundreds of people looking at and engaging with digital art. We have made some new friends and connections in Asia and look forward to working there again.

We’re here in this amazing melting pot megopolis that is Hong Kong – and have been bedazzling the people of HK with interactive art and video works. Microworld has a different flavour each time and this time big thanks to the triple projections (with double rainbow!) of Sala Wong and Peter Williams and also a cool openFrameworks generative work by Bryan Chung. Thanks too for Monkee Lee and her lovely sideways earthquake and also the other HK and UK artists involved. The show is part of the Lumen Prize Exhibition.

More details of the artists involved including links to their websites can be seen here.

And to see more images on Flickr click the image below

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Microworld Cardiff 2

Microworld Cardiff 2 is set – come along and get a maggot selfie and see a range of interacting art over two rooms in Queens Arcade Cardiff, including Sean Olsen’s new sound seeking robot. The show is on all week with an album launch night wednesday 6-8pm by Peski Records and a performance night on Friday 6-8pm .

We are going back to Cardiff to put on a second Microworld with the ArcadeCardiff gallery. This time we are working closely with some local artists, who we met last year, including roboticist Sean Olsen and interactive/digital artists Myles Leadbeatter, Banfield & Rees, Matthew Britten and others. Also showing or performing will be Sean Clark, Jockel Liess, Julia Schauerman and Gudrun Haroldsdottir. The idea this year is to experiment with cross communication between artworks and users.

The show is free and open to the public from the 26th May to the 1st June. 12pm-6pm Daily. ArcadeCardiff Gallery Unit 3b Queens Arcade Cardiff.

Facebook event page for more information on the show and artists.

Come along and get involved in an experimental digital ecosystem.

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Radio Arts Showcase

We’re providing an  audio visualisation piece that converts sound into image at this show at Canterbury’s Beaney House of Art  & Knowledge. Radio works were commissioned from around the world and our piece feeds on these and then converts them into an ever changing swarm of wave like aeroplankton. The show is on from Saturday 19th April until the 27th and features a diverse range of works played through Magz Hall and Jim Backhouse‘s huge collection of radios including some from the 1930s.

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Microworld Hong Kong announced

With the support of The Lumen Prize Exhibition we will be creating our first overseas Microworld in Hong Kong this June.

10-14 June
The Space, 210 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

We welcome Hong Kong digital artists to collaborate with us to make this Microworld as engaging and exciting as possible. For further information and to find out how to get involved please see this web page and our Facebook Event page.

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The Lumen Prize London Show

Tagged as the world’s pre-eminanet digital art prize, The Lumen Prize exhibition continues its world tour, this week in London at Chelsea College of Art’s Triangle Space.

18 – 22 March 2014
Chelsea Triangle Space

A range of interactive, video and print based work is on show – all of which engage with computer software and digital art on some level. We will be showing a dual projection combination of Mother and the Starfish. These were two of our earliest pieces and it has been interesting to combine them in a new way. The piece has a webcam and responds to the changes in light in the Triangle as people pass by. The image above was screen captured during the setup process and then combined in photoshop to give an idea of the work.

Symposium on Digital Art

On Thursday 20th March (2-5pm) there will be a symposium, discussing digital fine art with Lumen Prize artists Katerina Athanasopoulou, Nicolas Feldmeyer, us (Genetic Moo) and Alison Clifford in conversation with UAL academics Dr Lois Rowe (Wimbledon), and Jonathan Kearny (Camberwell) as well as John Hill of Lucky PDF. The afternoon will be introduced by Lumen CEO Carla Rapoport and Lumen Jury Panel member, Doug Dodds, Senior Curator at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

For further details see the Lumen Prize website

Thanks to Chelsea and Camberwell MA students for curating the event.

We’ll be talking about our Microworld project at the symposium.

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Microworld Margate video @ Oslo Screen Festival

Northern Video Art Network (NOVA) will be screening our Microworld Margate video at the Oslo Screen Festival tomorrow in the Video Art in a Nordic Perspective programme.

– Contemporary Art –
A selection of video’s by artists participating in NOVA
- Katrin Jonsdottir (IS),”Contemporary art /viewer”
- Genetic Moo (Papay Gyro Nights Festival), “Microworld Margate”
- Polina Zioga, (Festival MIDEN), “tasman-solace (official music video)”
- Lam Wai-kit, (Videotage), “Passage of Time”
- Petra Lindholm, (SWE), “For Anne Marie”
- Erik Bünger, (SWE), “The Third Man”
- Erkka Nissinen, (FIN), “Material Conditions of Inner Spaces”

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Papay Microworld

It’s been really busy here and we’ve seen some wonderful projections and performances, witnessed the construction of a suana and a fire shelter and we’ve been helping Ivanov + Chan set up various video installations including a 1000 moon – 9 projector piece on the opening night.

Our Papay Microworld was the most responsive yet. Working at night when the chaos level was a little less we positioned the 4 main projectors which all looked at each other in the barn space. From this skeleton we got some strong cascades across the room. Other works were then fitted in around this skeleton and in the end we produced the most reactive Microworld yet. The artworks were run for several days and provided the backdrop for both music, and story telling nights, squidlet sessions and interactive engagements. It was great just to sit back and watch the endless change.

Some of the pieces including starfish and squidlets can be seen on our flickr photostream.

We will be editing video and adding images of other artworks including the dancing chicken/barn owl which was a big hit in the coming days and creating a special Papay Microworld page. Thanks to Ivanov + Chan for organising such a memorable event.

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Papay Gyro Nights 2014

Can’t wait for this years Gyro Nights festival. We’ve been invited to produce a Mini Microworld on Papay and will be bringing a mix of our projects old and new and a few works by other Microworlders. each day we’ll build and combine different reactive pieces and see how they cope with the extreme weather conditions on the island.

This festival of video art, sound art, experimental film and music takes place on the tiny island of Papa Westray in Orkney, at one end of the world’s shortest scheduled flight – less than a minute from neighbouring Westray.

February 15-22, Tredwall and all over the island, Papa Westray, Orkney, day passes £10 (concessions £5), 01857 644 340


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The Battle of Blister is with the Wellcome Trust

The Battle of Blister is in the hands of the Wellcome Trust. As part of a six armed art-science collaboration organised by the hard working Animate projects, the BOB is an engaging look at inflammation from the point of view of the participating cells. Think Fantastic Voyage as the audience is shrunk down to the size of a blood cell and joins in the epic battle between infection and inflammation.

We should hear if this ambitious funding bid has been successful in a months time and then the real work can begin. You can read about all 6 projects on Animate’s Silent Signal website.

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Digital Zoo

Preparation is underway for Furtherfield‘s Digital Zoo, a touring exhibition that explores how our lives – personal and political – are being shaped by digital technologies and how our relation to the natural world is changing.  It will visit shopping centres and retail parks in London, the North East, the North West and Yorkshire.

Featuring Andy Deck, Mary Flanagan, Liz Sterry, Thomson & Craighead, Pete Gomes, Transnational Temps and Genetic Moo.

Here are the dates for this extraordinary art event.

UK Tour 2014
14-23 February 2014 – Trinity Leeds, Yorkshire
04-13 April 2014 – Lewisham Shopping Centre, London
23 May – 01 June 2014 – The Bridges, Sunderland
25 July – 03 August 2014 – West 12 Shopping Centre, London
29 August – 07 September 2014 – The White Rose, Leeds

More information on Furtherfield’s Digital Zoo website

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Pot Luck #9 @ The Beaney

Sat 14th Dec – what a great night we had at Accidental Collective‘s PotLuck #9 in The Beaney House of Art and Knowledge. As well as our specially commissioned works: Owl and Globster Jar, the evening featured performances by Evanthia Afstralou, Culture Device, Julia Fitzpatrick, Greta Eacott, Núria Guix Riba, Antje Hildebrandt, Marcus Orlandi, Nina von der Werth.

Owl, pictured above was constructed from photos and video of a the Beaney’s little Barn Owl skeleton and draws heavily on the creations of one of our heroes, Ray Harryhausen. Here it is jigging with Tim.

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Microworld Margate

Thanks to Marine Studios for hosting this mini Microworld in Margate. The event was a success with a well attended First Friday talk and and lots of engagement with immersive digital art. Thanks to all the artists involved for embracing the idea of a living digital ecosystem and filling the studios with overlapping and interacting projections, lights and sounds.

During the event we made contact with several local arts organisations and look forward to bringing future Microworlds into existence.

We will be uploading photos and films to Flickr, Vimeo and Youtube as we get them made. Several of the works also self documented by taking screengrabs and videos at regular intervals so there is a fair bit to digest.

Here are some images from the Saturday and Sunday when there were less people around and more time to document. Click on the image to get to the Flickr set.

And this link to fuller documentation, including two videos, on this website.

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The Battle of Blister @ Animate Projects

We’re excited about being involved in a new animation project organised by Animate Projects which sets out to get artists and scientist working together to engage the public with science. We’re working with Dr Neil Dufton who works at Imperial college in a department who research endothelial homeostasis and angiogenesis in vascular biology. Neil looks at inflammation cascades – with a view to understanding how the body copes with and uses these processes. With Neil we are focusing it down even further to look at a single inflammation cascade – the one that goes on inside a simple common blister. We want to bring out the epic scale of the events going on inside the blister as the struggle unfolds between infection and immunity. We will be using interaction techniques to produce a short film for the project and here is a sketch of one possible fantastic voyage into the heart of the blister.

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Genetic Moo bring Microworld to Margate

Microworld Margate

Experience a digital ecosystem which fills the Marine Studios with many living artworks. Engage with a futuristic immersive sound and light show. Trigger cascades of activity around the room as pieces react to your presence. Genetic Moo will discuss their plans for Microworld and you can find out how to get involved in a future large scale project in Thanet.

Microworld Margate includes art works by Genetic Moo, Magz Hall & Jim Backhouse, Julia Schauerman, Sean Clark, Jockel Liess, Ron Hagell, Leona Jones & others.

Come and play in a digital wonderland.

For more details or information on getting involved contact us at info@geneticmoo.com

More artists have joined Microworld: Gudrun Haraldsdottir who made the huge GEEK2013 installation, and Derrick Welsh & Co who will be demoing some crazy creative apps. Becky Robinson will also be showing an interactive tablet/dress/bot.

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Genetic Moo win a Lumen Prize – the Founder’s Prize

We have won the inaugural Founder’s Prize as part of the 2013 Lumen prize.

This special award was set up to recognise excellence in the creation of digital fine art and our work was commended for engaging with audiences in a fresh and evocative way. Our emphasis on involving the local community in the enjoyment and production of digital art, interactions and games through workshops, talks and special days fitted perfectly with Carla Rapoport’s aims when she founded the prize.

We have been asked to make a special video showcasing our interactive work and Mother in particular which will be shown at ArcadeCardiff Gallery from October the 5th to the 10th. It will be great to see the gallery again.

Thanks to Lumen’s CEO and Founder, Carla Rapoport for choosing Genetic Moo. We will be there on the 8th to receive the Prize from  Ivor Davies, president of the Royal Cambrian Academy of Art.

The Lumen Prize show tours the world – here are the dates

New York City
November 1-10, 2013: New York Institute of Technology’s Gallery 61, 16 W61st New York City, USA

March 17-22 2014: Chelsea College of Art & Designs’s Triangle Space
March 19, 2014: The 2014 Digital Art Symposium at 45 Millbank, London.

Hong Kong
June 10-14, 2014: The Space, 210 Hollywood Road, Hong Kong.

July 15-31, 2014: Treberfydd House, Powys, Wales in July 2014.

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