Apologies for the loss of broadcast today. We had a major connection problem which we weren’t able to resolve. We’ll be revisiting The Flesh on Sat 11 July.

We’ve converted our living room into a digital ecosystem during this time of self-distancing and live-screening every Sat on our YouTube channel


Microworld@HOME 12: “The Flesh revisited Sat 11 Jul 14:00-16:00 BST

Continuing our stumbling adventures in digital ecosystems.  Are we at an evolutionary dead end? Genetic Moo and friends have another go at “Flesh”. Includes adult imagery.

Participating artists: Svetlana Ochkovskaya, Jonathan Armour, Simon Rae, Julia Schauerman, David Viey and Sean Clark .

View archive recordings of Microworld @ HOME here

Every Saturday we stream our digital ecosystem on YouTube live. It combines video, sound and creative coding in an immersive mashup. Over the last two weeks we’ve been getting Microworld @ HOME ready to support collaboration and now, we’re inviting you to get involved.

Three ways to get involved:

SIMPLE: use our MQTT interface coded by Sean Clark to send sprites across the internet to us in real time.

A LITTLE EFFORT: share some visuals or sound with us and we’ll add it into the mix. Microworld is experimental so don’t be expecting high-def playback. You can send media via WeTransfer or Dropbox or point us to your webpage.

CHALLENGING: live sound / performance. We can take a live stream from you and feed it into our live stream.

Contact us on info@geneticmoo.com to tell us what you’d like to do.

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